Relaxing foot cream with mint and lavender

I love traveling. Every time I visit a new city, I am wandering around for hours and wondering how living there feels like. Not surprisingly, by the end of the day I don't feel my feet anymore. If your feet also have a workout from time to time, I recommend you to try this natural foot treatment. This cream contains nourishing mustard and olive oils that keep the skin moisturized. The cooling effect of mint and the calming scent of lavender will relax your feet and make them feel less tired. In addition, the product has a slight deodorizing effect, due to the antibacterial activity of the essential oils (1, 2).

       15 min


        No preservatives!


The recipe:
(5 g of the final product)
Eco-soya wax – 40% - 2 g (0.07 oz)
Mustard oil – 30% - 1.5 g (0.05 oz)
Olive oil – 30% - 1.5 g (0.05 oz)
Vitamin E * – 0.5-1% - 1 drop (30 - 50 mg)
Mint (Mentha arvensis) essential oil– 1 drop
Lavender (Lavendula officinalis) essential oil – 2 drops

* I used dl-alpha-tocopherol with the activity of 750 IU per 1 g. If you have another type of Vitamin E, you need to recalculate the amount added. If you are not sure how to do that, just ask in the comments :).

1. Weigh the required amount of wax in a pot that can sustain heating

weighing the wax, feet treatment recipe

2. Add mustard and olive oils

adding the oils, feet treatment recipe

3. Put the mixture on the stove and wait until the wax fully melts

melting the wax, feet treatment recipe

4. Add essential oils and vitamin E, mix thoroughly

adding essential oils, feet treatment recipe

5. Transfer to the pot and wait for the mixture to solidify

feet treatment recipe

6. Ready! Let your feet be full of energy for the next day! Smile

feet treatment recipe

Instructions for use:
1. Apply the foot cream on the clean dry skin whenever you want
2. Store in a dry place at the 15-25 C and use within 6 months
3. Don't use the product if you are allergic to any of its components
4. Avoid the contact of the product with eyes and sensitive areas


1. Sienkiewicz M, Łysakowska M, Ciećwierz J, Denys P, Kowalczyk E. Antibacterial activity of thyme and lavender essential oils. Med Chem. 2011 Nov;7(6):674-89.

2. Kalemba D, Kunicka A.Antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oils. Curr Med Chem. 2003 May;10(10):813-29.




Hello! I believe it is a nice recipe to try Smile If I don't have soy wax, can I use beeswax? Thanks

Natalia's picture

Yes, you can use beeswax. But I think you would need to modify the proportions a bit: I would try to use not 40%, but 35% of beesawax and 35% of one of the oils.