Anti-acne homemade oil blend (tea tree, rosemary, neem)

Tired of fighting pimples and acne? Try this super-easy and efficient anti-acne serum! The serum is based on three oils - grapeseed oil, evening primrose oil and neem oil, rich in linoleic acid which helps oily and acne-prone skin. In sebum of acne-prone skin the ratio of two main components - linoelic and oleic acid - is imbalanced. The sebum of such skin contains mostly oleic acid that makes sebum thick and the pores clogged. Using the oils rich in linoleic acid, we can restore the balance and help the skin. The serum also contains the essential oils of rosemary, tea tree and lavender that are famous by their antimicrobial properties (1, 2). In addition, these essential oils break down the excess of sebum, reduce redness and repair damaged skin. Vitamin E helps skin regeneration and also acts as antioxidant.

         5 min


       No preservatives!


The recipe (20 ml of the product):
- Grapeseed oil (40%) – 8 ml, or approximately 2 teaspoons
- Evening primrose oil (40%) - 8 ml, or approximately 2 teaspoons
- Neem oil (20%) – 4 ml, or approximately 1 teaspoon
- Tea tree essential oil – 6 drops
- Rosemary essential oil - 6 drops
- Lavender essential oil - 6 drops
- Vitamin E (0.5-1%) * - 2 drops (about 0.06 - 0.1 ml)

* I used dl-alpha-tocopherol with the activity of 750 IU per 1 g. If you have another type of Vitamin E, you need to recalculate the amount added. If you are not sure how to do that, just ask in the comments :).

1. Mix oils, add Vitamin E and essential oils.

mixing-oils, anti-acne oil blend

adding essential oils, anti-acne oil recipe

2. Transfer to a bottle of dark glass. The most convenient is to use a glass bottle with a pipette.

anti-acne oil blend ready

Your anti-acne elixir is ready! Enjoy your healthy and clean skin!

Instructions for use:
- Apply on the problem areas twice a day
- Avoid contact with eyes
- Do not use the product if you are allergic to any of its components
- Do not apply the product on the damaged skin (scratches, wounds, burns)
- Store in a dark cool place for no more than 6 months.

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